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Rash, “Into the Gorge”

“Into the Gorge” is no less heartbreaking than the other stories in Rash’s Burning Bright.  This story takes an interesting turn right from the beginning when the main character is described as a supplement to the character described in the opening paragraph. It is Jesse’s aunt who is described rather than Jesse himself. This is […]

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Rash, “Burning Bright”

I don’t know about everyone else but all these small-town-stories are starting to give me a headache. One of those headaches you get when you’ve got too much disappointment stuck inside you. In my strongest opinion, nothing is more depressing than living out in the middle of nowhere, on a farm, with nothing to do, no one […]

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Burning Bright

Nothing in this story says small rural town to me more than the phrase “cut off”, which Marcie uses twice. I’ve heard people say that in small towns in Pennsylvania, so I know exactly where Marcie lives (although in North Carolina) and what kind of people she knows. Rash shows us that Marcie leads a […]

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Rash, “Back of Beyond”

This story is a lot less appealing to me than “Hard Times” was. Probably because it has a lot less of a wow factor, however, it is a still interesting in theory. The first thing I notice about Rash’s stories is that he introduces the main character instantly.  As the first sentence in “Hard Times” […]

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