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Below are the dates on which we’re scheduled to discuss particular stories in class. You
should plan to post your comments on the blog before we discuss a story in class unless you would like to respond to particular ideas or comments that emerged in our class discussions. We will not have time in class to discuss every story. Nevertheless — and even because of this — you should use the blog as a means of actively responding to the stories and to your classmates’ comments. Also included on the schedule are campus events you are required to attend.

Thursday, August 25

Tuesday, August 30
Rash, “Hard Times” (3)

Thursday, September 1
Rivecca, “Death Is Not an Option” (13)
Lee Smith, “Bob, A Dog”  (1)

Tuesday, September 6
Rash, “Back of Beyond” (9)

Thursday, September 8
Rivecca, “Yours Will Do Nicely” (41)
Lee Smith, “Toastmaster” (33)

Tuesday, September 13
Rash, “Dead Confederates” (45)

Thursday, September 15
Lee Smith, “Big Girl” (47)

Tuesday, September 20
Rash, “The Ascent” (75)

Thursday, September 22
Rivecca, “It Sounds Like You’re Feeling” (67)
Lee Smith, “Ultima Thule” (79)

Tuesday, September27
Rash, “The Woman Who Believed in Jaguars” (91)

Thursday, September 29

Tuesday, October 4
Rivecca, “Good Samaritan Points”  (91)
Rivecca, “Uncle” (112)

Thursday, October 6
Rash, “Burning Bright” (107)

Tuesday, October 11
Rivecca, “Look, Ma, I’m Breathing” (136)
Lee Smith, “Intensive Care” (93)

Thursday, October 13
Rash, “Return” (127)
Lee Smith, “Folk Art” (127)

Tuesday, October 18
Lee Smith, “House Tour” (139)
Lee Smith, “The Southern Cross” (167)

Thursday, October 20
Rash, “Into the Gorge” (133)

Tuesday, October 25
Rivecca, “Consummation” (174)
Lee Smith, “Between the Lines” (183)

Thursday, October 27
Rash, “Falling Star” (153)
Lee Smith, “Tongues of Fire” (201)

Tuesday, November 1
Lee Smith, “Fried Chicken” (251)

Wednesday, November 2
8:00 p.m.
Wailes Conference Center 
[For more information, go here]
Thursday, November 3
Rash, “The Corpse Bird” (165)

Friday, November 4
Out of Silence
8:00 p.m.
Murchison Lane Auditorium, Babcock Fine Arts Center
[For more information, go here]

Tuesday, November 8
Rivecca, “None of the Above” (192)

Thursday, November 10
Rash, “Waiting for the End of the World” (181)
Lee Smith, “The Happy Memories Club” (263)

Tuesday, November 15
Lee Smith, “Stevie and Mama” (285)
Lee Smith, “Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger” (333)

Thursday, November 17
Rash, “Lincolnites” (193)

Tuesday, November 22

Thursday, November 24

Tuesday, November 29

Thursday, December 1

Tuesday, December  6

Thursday, December 8

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