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Exercise 3

Write a story based on one of the four sentence openings below matched with one of the four phrases with characters and action. Due: Monday, September 12, 11:59 p.m.

In the middle school library…            …the teenagers smoke…

In the hospital waiting room…          …three men stood dressed all in black.

At the reptile house at the zoo…        …I died.

In the small closet…                       ….Ariel held onto her dog’s collar.

Exercise 2

Below are fifteen randomly generated rooms from a website that appears to be named Serendipity (though its web address — http://nine.frenchboys.net/ — seems a tad more provocative). Your assignment is to create a story inside one of these rooms. The story should be about 750 words, and by the end of the story we should know not simply the building but also the town or city in which this room is located. Also, at least three people must, at some point in the story, be inside this room, though not necessarily at the same time. Due: Monday, September 5, 11:59 p.m.

Exercise 1

Select one of the following photographs and write no more than 500 words on the place depicted in the photograph. Please write as though your description is part of a story and from the point of view of a particular character who is very familiar with this place. Due: Midnight, Monday, August 29 in the Exercise 1 folder on Google Docs.

Click on the individual photographs to see enlarged versions.


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