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I really enjoyed this story after I got further into it. In the beginning I was very confused. At first I thought the story would be better not starting the way it did. I thought it might make more sense for the second part to open the story, but after finishing the whole story, I enjoy the way this story was started. What I most enjoyed about this story was the difference between Betsy Ann and Ralph. The life they were each born into is so different from one another. I like that Jones showed this┬ácomparison. Ralph’s mother tried for so long to have a child and she spoiled him because he was so special to her. Betsy Ann was very loved by her father, but he showed it in a very different way. At first I thought he would resent his daughter because his wife had died during childbirth, but that was obviously not the case.

I like that their is dialog in this story because this is when I got to know the characters. The way they spoke and the things they said gave me a vivid image of each character.

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