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I really enjoyed the voice throughout this story. He kept saying he wasn’t Elvis, but his life was very similar to Elvis’. In a way I think he was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t Elvis because he knew he had many similarities to Elvis. The voice of the story helped me better understand where this story was taking place. It was very easy to understand that they were poor and living in a very small home. I also enjoyed the vivid descriptions attached to traits of characters. For example, “She’s very small and her face is as sharp and fine as the little lines in Elvis’s ear and her hair is dark and thick and I want to lie beneath her and pull it around my face, and her eyes are a big surprise because they’re blue, a dar, flat blue like I’d think suede would be if it was blue.” (pg 44)

I’m still confused about the relationship between the boy and his mother. He loves her even though she is making him uncomfortable by having sex with men when he can hear. I don’t understand the end and what they both understand without saying anything. I felt like I understood their relationship until he takes off to go meet Tina.

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