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The last time I read this story I was looking for elements of the fantastic. Since I had trained myself to do that, it was a little difficult rooting myself in the place of the story. With a little thinking I decided that this story, like most of Millhauser’s stories, are deeply rooted in the actual physical place in the story and with the tone of the story. The physical place for this story is a neighborhood of kids. A complete community of people that are looking for something new and different. Always searching for something next to do.

But, the place is much more than the purely physical place. I feel that the place in this story is rooted a lot in the tone of the story. The tone for this story always feels to me like something light, airy, and shimmery. More like a memory of an event than the actual event itself. The point of view helps this because he has a communal point of view. The readers are included with the characters and it is set in the past tense. This makes it persuasive as a communal memory. Something that somebody would bring up as a “hey, remember that time when…?”. The effect of this makes the story more persuasive.

Also, the fact that there is very little actual dialogue makes the story feel really immediate. More like someone is telling you the story and has to tell it to you right now. It draws you into the story. It also makes the story take on a slightly softer tone that lends itself to the light and airy effect of the story.

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