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Being a big fan of American history made this story really enjoyable to read. It really shows how strong military wives have to be in order to keep their lifestyle the way they want it. Which is still seen today. I had a feeling that Lily was going to do something to the soldier when he approached the house. I guess the way the narrator explained her character and the way she thought made her come off as a very strong woman. Especially when she called the man out for his boots and how she remembers him.

When Lily leads the soldier into the room, I had no idea a needle could do so much damage and in such a quick amount of time. Which made for a suspenseful turning point. I don’t see how what she did is wrong, if anyone were to take it as such. When the man said that stealing her live stock was “for the cause” and she wasn’t in support for their specific cause, was really when she had every right to protect her property. Not to mention he basically threatens her husband while they were talking. In times of war, especially the Civil War, everyone gets involved. She did what she did to stop the confederates from having food and a horse to help their fight. A side that she disagreed with.

The end was interesting. I don’t know how I’d feel having a dead man on my property, but whats done is done. The fact that she named her son after Lincoln was a big moment. It ended the story really well and kind of stuck it to “the man”. The hope she showed of the war ending and how supportive people were of the cause that Lincoln began shined through in the end.

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