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This story really wasn’t what I had expected from the title, but it was interesting. The details given by the narrator of what he sees, who he is around, his life story and the lives of his friends, made it easy as the reader to create the scene of the story. Everything that Devon states in his story all create an idea that the world is unfair and everyone in it should be washed away. The people he is playing music for in the club/bar are all embarrassments to the human race. Or at least that is what he implies. He then goes into detail about how he lost his wife, his job and his kid after something happened when he was a teacher. I don’t know if I missed what happened, but I do not think the narrator tells us why he was fired from his job.

The stories of everyone he knows in the bar kind of match up with his. They all used to be someone else, and now rely on these people to come in and make fools of themselves. All of the characters stories are of them changing because of what the world has either made them, or what they have done to fit in better. Which kind of pulls the title into play because for Devon, he believes he has seen the worst of what life can offer. Which is why he plays louder and louder when everyone leaves. He wants to awaken whatever beast has been sleeping so he can challenge it. He has nothing left to lose, nor do any of the other characters because they have lost who they once were.

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