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This story is very short.  There is so much packed into such a small amount of space, and we are able to fully understand exactly how desperate the times are, and how Lily has just come to accept this as the way things are, and she doesn’t take it negatively, but does what she can to keep things running.  She kills the Vaughn without even thinking twice, as if there were no other option, even though she once knew him a long time ago.  The fact that she was familiar with this Confederate didn’t really change her resolution or her understanding regarding what needed to be done.  We see her working, even though she’s pregnant.  We see her send all of the money that could help her should he end up dying in war.  She hides it with him, when they could bury it in the back yard, but instead she sends it with him, where he could use it if need be.  We also see her working while she is pregnant.  Granted, she isn’t showing so much, but she is doing hard work just after having one child (a baby would take up almost an entire day leaving little or no energy to function, let alone work) and after getting pregnant with another.  Through the simple scene and seeing just part of her day, we learn so much about the character and her relationship, and the time.

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