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Fried Chicken

Right away I felt compassion for Mrs. Polly Pegram, even though she was “the murderer’s mother”. From the beginning it felt like she was a sad women even before I got to know her throughout this story. Mrs. Pegram has had a hard life, but she still goes through the routine of her day even though she’s the only one left in her home. It showed throughout the story that she wanted the best for Leonard.

I think the way Lee Smith wove the past with the present in this story was very succussful and enjoyable to read. For example, on page 254 she goes from talking about Lenoard and a converstation they shared to the steps of frying her chicken. It made me feel like I was actually in her head, hearing the things she is thinking while doing a task she has done so many times before.

The end was not what I was expecting, but it made me happy for Mrs. Pegram. Throughout the story you could feel the hurt she felt that her son had been taken away from her, but she was able to relive Lenoard’s favorite thing through another little boy.

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