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Falling Star

This story had a great narrative speaker. He really made the story easier to imagine. Small town kids from the south, high school education, married young, then started to go different ways. We see this type of thing in a lot of movies and other stories, but this one was very original. Through out the story, my first thought was that she was cheating on him. However, I was surprised to find out that she really was just going to class and wanted to do work.

It is really sad to see a husband missing his wife because they are supposed to be each others best friend. To read about how they grew apart is not very uplifting. However, Rash takes us through their lives and how they became so distant, very well. What struck me as the final straw was when Bobby slashed the tires. It was as though he was a pre-teen trying to get attention from his parents.

You can really tell just how educated Bobby is when he realizes that there were cameras video taping him slashing the tires. Shouldn’t have forgotten about “big brother.” However, when he realizes what he’s done, that’s when he knows he has lost everything. In the beginning, it wasn’t his fault. Now, after what he had done, it may become all his fault.

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