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I really enjoyed this story. The narrator is obviously conflicted about her relationship with her father because she loves him (how could she not – they are so much alike) but he never paid her much attention except to reprimand her. He was always with his toads and didn’t understand how to give the kind of affection that children crave. The narrator has to open up to this doctor, someone who is almost a stranger, because everyone she knows has only seen the gentle, loving side of her father and so can’t understand her ambivalence. Rivecca shows how absolutely the narrator’s father has permeated her life through all of the apparently-rambling flashbacks she shares with the doctor, suh as how the untrasound image of her child reminded her of the kidney her father kept in a jar and also of how she regrets how she treated her father when she asked him about it as a child, although she still feels somewhat that he deserved it.

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