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Between The Lines

This story was really fun to read! I loved the voice of the narrator because I could visualize her character perfectly. It was as though you were sitting at her kitchen table just talking while she gave you a run-down of her entire day and life. She began telling us about her column in the newspaper and how she writes anything about anyone, in her little town. I thought her title to the column was clever because she would write about how someone went to the hospital and was missed by everyone, but behind the nice story was a really horrible truth. If someone were to read “between the lines” of her column, they would be shocked. There is more behind her stories than meets the eye, which is why I thought her title was a great idea.

Now, the narrator tells us about how she grew up in the church, and is very religious because of her father. She believed in the power of God and Jesus Christ more than anything, however, she also believed in sin and paying for them. As we read on, we learn about her husband cheating on her with his half adopted sister, Margie. Even though she knows about their affair, she doesn’t confront him. I believe she doesn’t do so because she too is guilty of cheating as well. Between the lines of their marriage, lies a really awkward truth. Which also ties into the column title. This goes for her daughters secret as well.

We begin to see the “real” narrators colors after she tells us about how spiritual and accepting she is of everyone and everything when she admits to being somewhat happy that Margie died. She also ruins a story that a dying fan loved by telling him on his deathbed that it was a made up story. Between the lines of this narrator, we can see that there is much more than meets the eye or how she explains herself to be. All in all, I thought it was a really great that everything came together through out the story. Even though things were spread out, it all made sense and created a nice flow.

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