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Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger is very different in comparison to the other two books we have been reading in class. While from the outside, it may seem to be less deep, it is absolutely more realistic, and honest. Lee Smith writes in a way that makes it easy for anyone to really relate to her stories. She brings in modern aspects of life, like brand names, and car models, that aid the reader in completely enveloping themselves in her story. I like this particular story because of the timeline, the plot, and the dynamic narrator.

When “Between the Lines” finally rounded its way into conclusion, I found myself really appreciating the timeline of the story. I think that it was a fabulous portrayal of a “day in the life” of Mrs. Newhouse. It truly is brilliant to show the life of this woman for merely a day. It sounds cliche and ridiculous, but living a day in someone else’s shoes is a fabulous way to learn about a person. Throughout the course of the story we meet her children, her husband, her neighbors, her neighborhood, her strange family connections to the town’s weird Margie character, and exactly how she contributes to her society as a writer and citizen. I have taken a lot from this story as it comes to a natural conclusion. I have a lot of issues deciding how to conclude my stories, and the end of a day seems the perfect time to stop.

Mrs. Newhouse is a also a very interesting character who warms your heart from the very beginning. Lee Smith has a way of making the reader attached to the character, regardless of their immorality, differences, or moral beliefs. Mrs. Newhouse is intensely religious, nieve, and relatively uncultured yet I am rooting for her until the very end. I think that the character is relatively realistic while also bringing in her own diverse and interesting drama. Creating personable characters is an important part of a story to me. I want to be able to relate to them, to put myself in their shoes. I want to connect their issues to my own in an effort to solve them. That is why I like this story. It’s honest protagonist.

Overall, I like how this story ends without Mrs. Newhouse coming to a conclusion. She ends her day knowing exactly what the reader knows and that’s all that needs to happen. She experiences every day issues, just like every day people and that is good enough. No weird psychological drama, no daddy issues, no attempt to explain why things are the way they are; just the cold hard facts and the knowledge that the next day will come and go just as the last.

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