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Into The Gorge

This story is told from Jesse’s point of view. He is alone where he has grown up his whole life and he experiences the changes around him from when he was younger. He’s watching as a new housing development is being created. Jesse is struggling with what he knows now and thinking about his Great-Aunt dying. At first I thought this story as about his Great-Aunts death, but then I realized it’s about where he is in his life and going back to what his elders did before him. I think this is symbolized when he goes back to the plants his father had planted so many years ago.

As Jesse is running through the woods, Rash gives clear images as to what Jesse is doing and where he is. When Jesse finally makes it back to his house he sees that men are there that have been looking for him just as they were when people were looking for his Great-Aunt. He’s reliving what happened to his Great-Aunt but now he is the one that might not wake up in the morning.

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