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Folk Art

Folk Art confused and entranced me at the same time. You are being talked to the entire time by a character who keeps answering your questions and telling you stories about her family. The story really is defined by Lily’s family members instead of herself. She even expresses her family through her art. The place serves more as a backdrop to the story that keeps moving the different stories forward. The garden reminds her of things that she tells you about. The entire thing feels more like you are in her head than actually talking with her.

This story really has the voice of the single character down. The way she speaks is influenced by the way Smith imagined the character grew up. At the point Lily started talking about losing Iris Jean to education, I started laughing because I never thought about it that way before. It suits the character perfectly. It is another example on how the setting effects the characters and how the characters “talk and think” like us. Lily isn’t real, but she could be.

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