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I really enjoyed this story! The images presented through out the entire thing were believable and full of emotion. The entire time the narrator was telling the story about the young soldier, I could see, and sometimes feel, the emotions in the words. Even though we see two different places in the story, the main focus is on the events that led the soldier home. During Vietnam, many soldiers were enlisted from every part of the US. Young or old, education or no education, they all were told to kill whoever was not an American, which ultimately led some soldiers to go crazy. The young soldier in the story has one goal, which is to get home.

The story of how he shot and killed an enemy sniper, really showed us an image of where he came from. Once he saw the silver cross, that is where we see him realize that the sniper was just like him. Both men were there for their country and both of them believed in a high power. Once the soldier comes up on the grave, he thinks that this whole coming home could be a dream and that he died instead of the sniper. This moment shows that the soldier sees that it could have been the complete opposite of the outcome when they shot at one another.

When he approached his childhood home, he sees the candles burning in the window. The part where the narrator says he knows that the candle in the window had stayed lit for him, really gives you the chills because those kinds of things are still being done today. The moment he decides to not go inside first thing was interesting and understandable. He goes and fills his helmet up with water and drinks it, is a way for him to realize he is home and where he should be. I believe that this story is mainly about how a young soldier returns home a man, and realizes just how lucky he is to be home and alive.

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