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Burning Bright

The way Rash used place in this story helped me understand more about Carl because the story was not told from his point of view. Even Marcie did not really know him. From the opening paragraph the description of the surroundings Rash gives helps me form a picture of the farm and Marcie. By describing how the sky looks and describing her shriveled tomatoes it gave me a sense on the country and place she lives. I was not expecting the story to turn out the way it did. It was an unexpected twist at the beginning of the story that I really enjoyed.

I like that Marcie married a younger man even though everyone else did not approve of them. This story had such a small town feel. I like the way that is described throughout the whole story. The preacher speaking to Marcie about “proper appearances” is when the small, country town came together for me. I can just imagines a country church where everyone is way too involved in each other’s lives.

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