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A sense of place. What exactly is a sense of place? Well, honestly, it doesn’t have to be a physical place on this planet, at least to me. As place in a story can be somewhere such as Washington, DC, Space, or even a mind set. When one is told to go to their, “happy place,” not everyone can go there, but it is a place.

In this story, we meet Ruth. A young woman who just lost her mother, who was married and now is not, and who lost her first child earlier in her life. Ruth has been collecting lost children clippings from news papers and what-not, hoping that one day she will find her lost baby. Her sense of place seems to be in her head because it is not real life. Ruth is caught up in this whole idea that she will one day find her son, and in the mean time, will help others find theirs.

Ruth has no real “place” I guess in the story. The narrator doesn’t set up details as to where she lives or anything, but gives us a look at whats going on in Ruth’s life. I think that Ruth believes that the only thing she is good for is to find lost things that people are looking for, while searching for non-exisiting Jaguars.

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