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Ultima Thule

The whole underlying theme of this story is the importance of place and how it changes your upbringing.  The character associates certain places with certain kinds of people, and while we see that to a certain degree these stereotypes hold true, Jake seems to break all of these rules.  He’s a northerner so this coupled with the family island in Main suggests, from Nova’s point of view, that he would dress well and act a certain way.  As it is, he doesn’t dress as nicely as expected, and his house isn’t as fancy as she expects either. “rich people can wear whatever they want”.

We first meet Jake in the psych ward, so we would expect him to have mental issues that would be uncovered and develop throughout the story, yet we don’t see any evidence of this either.  Everything we find out about Jake and about the lifestyle that is expected of him comes from Novas thoughts.  In this way, our expectations of him are skewed also.

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