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Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is my favorite story I have read by Lee Smith so far. This story has such vivid descriptions, and so many unexpected twists. I love it. The way Smith sets up the story, her short, to the point sentences gave me a better understanding of Nova and her character. The line “She rubs her flat stomach, fingering the navel ring.”(80) let the reader know she was effected by the loss of her child and might not be over it yet. Watching all of the luggage coming out of the Thule and saying nothing was something I would have expected Nova to do. My favorite passage is the explanation of the luggage falling out and hitting the cars, causing a horrible wreck. The end of the paragraph that starts on page 90 and finishes on page 91 is my favorite part: “..and his tennis racket bounces off the hood of the little yellow Acura breaking the window and causing the Acura to veer into a silver pickup in the other lane, which hits a Jeep Cherokee, which explodes.”(91) I was able to understand the extent of the damage done and it put together all the missing pieces of Nova I had only imagined to be true.

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