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Ultima Thule

Thule as Tile on the Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus.

In this story, I noticed that Nova never says that she loves Jake. Actually, I don’t think she ever mentions feeling an emotion towards him except maybe a kind of implied pity when she says that he’s too sensitive for this world. She doesn’t seem upset when she describes her miscarriage or how Jake’s mother reacted to her. This seems somewhat strange to me. The story is limited to her point of view, which allows the vulgarities to be used as adjectives in the text of the story, but almost all of Nova’s emotion is conveyed through her descriptions of her own actions. That leads me to think that the character is not very self aware, and as a narrator doesn’t understand that we as readers are not inside her head. This is an interesting writing technique because it means that the characters aren’t running around telling us “I feel happy” or “I feel aggravated”, but to me it made the story read in a kind of aloof monotone.

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  1. hurst12 says:

    I thought that the story sounded really monotone as well. It was interesting, but I’m not sure why that technique was used. It really makes me feel like I am missing something when I read the story. Even on my second reading, it still made me felt like I was missing something important about the character.