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If you look at the title of this story by itself, “it sounds like you’re feeling”, as opposed to “it sounds like you’re feeling [insert adjective here]”, it seems to identify any and all human emotions as the problem. Since this is one of the comments that the helpline interns are taught to say to crazy people, it now seems to mean that simply feeling human emotions is enough to drive someone insane. That seems to be what happens to the narrator – she has so much trouble that she makes herself stop feeling. A she puts it, “your soul has not recovered but has instead simply left.”

I like the ending of the story because the narrator finally does something honest. It seems as if she’s struggling with the fact that at her internship she is expected to be disingenuous. She hesitates when talking to the 700 pound man because none of the adjectives she’s looking at seem right, and for some reason it matters to her to accurately describe this man’s emotions. At the end, she reacts genuinely, although in violation of her training, to the refrigerator woman and the constipated man and ends up solving their problems, at least for the time being, instead of just putting them off and getting them off the phone as quickly as possible.

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