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Big Girl

The title of this story gives me the impression that it was going to be a struggle of an overweight woman with the social pressure to be thin. Once I started to see that this story was apart of an interview over some crime and there was more plot to it than just a fight against food, I got excited. And then I stopped. The total lack of confidence in Dee Ann was depressing and it seemed scarier to me than some gruesome murder story. The idea of having to always take care of others your entire life, constantly being associated with dying elderly, and getting the one thing you want most, then having it being thrown back in your face is horrible. She goes through the effort of waiting on this man hand and foot and he treats her like crap. Worst of all, she does absolutely nothing to put an end to it. Yes, she does go off to prison for her embezzlement schemes and that gives her a small moment of rebellion against her jerk husband but she is still going to state prison. That is not exactly sticking up for yourself. Overall, the story had its amusing moments and I was interested in what happened to the characters, but nothing I wanted to see happen, happened.

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