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Big Girl

I was getting frustrated with the beginning of this story. We have been focusing on place and the main character wasn’t giving us any setting. She was just giving us voice and we didn’t even know her that well. I might have ranted for a little bit.

And then I kept reading.

It turns out that I felt like that because of the way that the story was written. It was written so that she was telling her story to other people. It reminded me of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, only with no vampires and less in-your-face drama that comes with the entire vampire/fantasy genre. She began to give us setting slowly and then we got more as the story went on. It sucks you in without you realizing it. The details start out small and then gradually get bigger as the story gets more complicated. This is what it means to be patient with your story, when you are reading it and when you are writing it.

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