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Big Girl

Thinking about this story after I finished it, I got the impression that the narrator snapped after realizing that Billy was cheating on her. But that didn’t seem quite right. She gained mental clarity, and not until after her employers confronted her (however nonconfrontationally) about her¬†embezzling. In that light, the last lines make sense, and also give a new meaning to the narrator’s earlier comment about having a bird girl trapped inside her – the bird girl is not a thin girl trapped by¬†the narrator’s bulk, but an independent girl trapped by the narrator’s need to take care of other people. After I thought through all this, I decided that I like this story a lot because the narrator has had her epiphany (gained her freedom) before the story starts and the epiphany influences the way the narrator tells her story, but she doesn’t actually have the epiphany (we don’t see it, anyway) until the end.

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