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I love the voice that each character has had in both this story and in Death is Not an Option.  They have both been different, but we always seem to be following their train of thought rather than having them narrate a story to us.  It makes them feel more real and without them having to describe entire rooms to us, like extreme detail about the party, we can tell what kind of party it is by her drunken descriptions and thoughts about the situation.  We have a similar happenstance when we get her direct thoughts about Jason, even though it’s an incredibly awkward situation to be in.

I thought it was an interesting twist that we are told that the narrator is opening up when she writes back to Jason, and then we see an incredibly detailed, and clearly well thought out letter in return, but we are told later it was all a farce.  We think we have learned about the character and we look to see how this fits into her actions, and then at the end when discover the truth, it almost fits better, and we almost aren’t surprised that she has made the entire thing up.  I wish I could figure out how to flesh out my characters like that.  I always find mine are much more flat, and I struggle to show who they are on a more intricate level.

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