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Death Is Not an Option

Having just been in the position of graduating high school, not knowing whether the choice of college was the best, I can sympathize with Emma. She has this apprehension, bordering on panic of being anywhere other than this bubble she’s been in all of her educational life. Her “friends” joke her, she hates all of the men around her, and she expresses an extreme dislike of her teachers on multiple occasions. This hostile environment fails to show me why she would have doubts about leaving. Perhaps it was the fact that this was her only sense of normal? Yes it was terrible, but it was all she knew.  Her confusion and fear reach their climax at the end of the story when Claire hugs her in front of the entire senior class, and she foresees her future of counselling sessions and failure. It’s at that moment that you see just how far gone Emma’s mental state is. She is practically planning her own failure. The tone of worry and the second guessing continued to increase until the very end.

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