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Bob, a Dog

The story of “Bob, A Dog” is an in-depth  character study of Cheryl.  The dog Sandy becomes a metaphor for Cheryl’s life.  When David, her husband, walks away from the family, Cheryl cannot move beyond this event.  There were many indications along the way that David would not survive the marriage with four children.  Cheryl acknowledges his limitations but is so in love with him that she cannot accept his leaving as permanent.  “He might come back,” she says to herself over and over.  Yet in her struggle to survive his leaving, she comes to realize she has never really been aware of her children for years and years. “She had been too wrought up to pay them any mind.” Her metamorphosis comes gradually without her hardly being aware.  The dog Bob gifts her with the final realization of her freedom. “She laughed out loud finally as Bob scraped out and shook himself off and lurched over to stand for a minute there by her chair before he took off running free across the darkened yards, beneath the yellow moon.”

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