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I always end up starting my post with the disclaimer that I am still trying to figure out exactly what it is that I like about the story or what makes it intriguing.  The voice of the character is so sharp but we are still able to feel all of her insecurity and sympathize with the environment that she has been brought up in.  The transition from school to the woods mimics the transition she will be making from Muskegon (go Michigan!) to college.  Where she wanders in the woods– I think we all feel like we are wandering in the beginning of school.  It was eerily similar to an experience I had senior year, but of course, don’t we all at some point or another.  She feels like an outcast and all she wants to do is fit in, but she doesn’t like the people she would have to be like.  She is completely incapable of imagining herself somewhere else, when the idea of getting out seems so promising.  Especially in the end with everything being so topsy turvy, it matches her conflicting cynical yet oddly nostalgic voice that completely draws you into the experience.

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