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Hard Times

When I began reading this story, it reminded me of the henhouse in the Hannah Montana movie, which I thought was funny. However, continuing on in the story, it became grim and sad. The fact that Edna ran off her children all because she believed what she was doing would toughen them up was sad. Even though they seem to be farm folk, the story made me think that Edna may have come from a family that had more than they do in the story, which is why she is so stuck up and selfish. I can see where her frustrations lie when it comes to money for food, the eggs going missing, and what not, but to accuse someone of something she had no evidence of was pretty rude. Jacob, on the other hand, was the more kind and forgiving of the old couple. He saw the glass as half full. He believed that they were lucky to even have a house or anything where Edna doesn’t. So when he saw that the eggs were being taken by the child, he sympathized for her and allowed her to eat the egg without getting her in trouble. I believe this story kind of shows how even when things are bad, they can always become worse. So you need to be grateful for what you have, otherwise it could all be washed away.

One Response to “Hard Times”

  1. John Gregory Brown says:

    Danni: Try to respond to how the story is crafted — the choices the writer makes in creating the story — rather than simply concentrate on your emotional response to the characters and their situation.