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Hard Times

I think I have read this story before.  The scene were the dog gets its throat slit I have blocked from my memory, but I distinctly remember the child sitting with an egg in her mouth, and the hook being caught in the cheek.  I could just vividly imagine her eyes shining out of the dark and it’s a little spooky.

When looking at the setting for this story I suspected the great depression when they first started talking about how it didn’t look like the economic situation was going to improve.  The setting is harsh and empty all at the same time, reflecting the times.  I wasn’t entirely sure what the physical landscape and distance that separated the children from their home was.  Originally I didn’t understand the importance of the estranged children even being in the story was, but I think it’s to create a sort of sympathy between Jacob and the child.  He recognizes that because of her fathers pride she could end up far away like his kids, and he does his part in trying to keep the family together.

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